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18 years of Software leadership and development to global brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Lloyd's of London and Arrow Electronics. The foundations for delivering amazing experiences to your clients start within the team and within the technology.


Lead Engineering and Mentoring

Make the most of our extensive experience to develop software the team at the same time.

    We work closely with you to make your technical solution and the team the best it can be. This is about the long-game for your company, a great team which will be innovative and care about your product.

    The Missing Mentor

    Get the most out of new graduates with on the job mentoring and support

      We work alongside you and your new team. You both want to see new junior developers be productive and engaged early on. It focuses on what is needed on the job to get the most out of these crucial first few months in the deep end.

      Application Analysis

      You've already got an application and want some insight on how it could be improved

      • Project structure
      • Improve code stability
      • How to increase test coverage
      • Tooling

      This analysis report will cover various aspect of how a codebase has been structured and coded and will highlight ways it can be improved.

      It also provides insight into tools and testing to give your team the insights needed to make each deployment more reliable.


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