Content management

Leverage the power ofJAMstack

Delivering websites using the JAMstack architecture will have some real advantages to your business

Static pages delivered by a CDN.Less work, you get speed

Your whole site is compiled to static HTML files during your build process.

Requests do not touch your server.With no origin, you get built in security

The majority of requests do not ever reach your origin server like they would in a traditional website architecture. This means that there are a whole raft of errors which will never happen.

You still have to keep your API protected but now your attach vector is significantly reduced.

Scaling is a lot less complex.With less servers, you get reduced costs

The bulk of your site is already built to scale. Using Content Delivery Networks existing infrastructure and simple route to scaling up and down.

Goodbye complex horizontal auto-scaling for web servers building HTML pages and hello to cheap static file-based responses.

Less dependant on large applications.Better separation, you get a great developer experience

The websites which are built in this way are less coupled to monolithic applications and so can be easy to get up and running as a developer.

There are also ever expanding options for integrating with Content Management Systems, Commerce and Personalisation without sacrificing developer productivity.